About Us

Aims of the Organization

Social service pays the way for change

To establish Organization of the people of India belong to any community, They could be from any majority group or any minority group or works or from every section of society.
To organize and undertake social welfare, health and educational pro grammes. Activities to be undertake to foster social unit and to reform the society through moral and ethical movements for awakening of the self in relation to the society and to organize the dedicated people to serve the suffering of humanity.
To do any other act for the advancement of general public uplifter without distinction or discrimination of sex, color, caste, creed or religion

This is an all India based organization having its separate cells to meet the requirement of the people like :

  1. Youth Cell
  2. Women Cell
  3. Student Cell
  4. Law Cell
  5. Educational Cell
  6. Minority Cell
  7. SC Cell
  8. ST Cell
  9. OBC Cell
  10. Motua Cell
  11. Nagor Cell
  12. Health Cell
  13. Madrasha Sikha Cell
  14. Immam - Moyajjen Cell
  15. Doctor Cell
  16. Officer Cell
  17. Administrative Cell
  18. Bollywood Cell
  19. Artist Cell
  20. Intellectual Cell
  21. Industrial Cell
  22. Human Right Cell
  23. NRI Cell
  24. Kishan Cell
  25. Labour Cell
  26. Refugee Cell
  27. Fishery Cell
  28. Haji Cell
  29. Misc Cell